Gun and car woes lead to arrests

by Raya Zimmerman

A man was taken into custody after police found an uncased and unloaded pistol in his front seat last Thursday.
A police officer pulled over Jourdan Roedel, 19, for having expired tabs and found that he did not have any insurance on the car. The officer was about to have his car towed when she noticed the pistol on the passenger seat.
âÄúThe illegal act was him carrying it in the manner that he did,âÄù University police Lt. Erik Swanson  said. âÄúGuns must be unloaded and locked in a secure case when in a vehicle.âÄù
There is a problem with accessibility of firearms when in a vehicle, Swanson said. In this case, the gun was within RoedelâÄôs reach, and there was not anything preventing easy accessibility, such as a case or lock.
Roedel was arrested on charge of carrying a pistol without a permit and for having no insurance on his vehicle. He has since been released from Hennepin County Jail.
Tow leads to suicide threat
A woman threatened to kill herself after police towed her vehicle early last week.
Tamara Zerahn-Calhoun was initially pulled over for a missing taillight. The officer discovered her driverâÄôs license was suspended, and he told her to park her vehicle and call for a ride.
Twenty minutes later, the officer saw her driving again and pulled her over once more.
âÄúWhen you have someoneâÄôs car that you tow and theyâÄôre not licensed to drive, thereâÄôs always the risk theyâÄôll get back into it,âÄù Swanson said.
Zerahn-Calhoun parked her vehicle and began walking away from it. The officer caught up with her and ordered her to turn around, but instead she lied down on the ground.
The officer was able to escort her to his car and after she resisted, he had to pin her against it in order to handcuff her.
On the way to the Hennepin County Jail, she threatened to kill herself.
âÄúWe werenâÄôt having and causing a problem until you realize youâÄôre going to jail, then youâÄôre falling apart,âÄù Swanson said.
Zerahn-Calhoun has been released from custody, and her car was eventually towed.