U student seeks support at caucus

Dan Miller was one of three DFL candidates to run for the Ward 2seat at the caucus.

by Liala Helal

University student Dan Miller sought the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party endorsement for Minneapolis City Council at the precinct caucuses for Ward 2 on Tuesday.

With a larger-than-expected turnout, approximately 300 city residents attended the caucuses.

They voted for delegates who will attend the Ward 2 convention April 9 to decide which candidate will be endorsed by the DFL for the City Council and mayoral races. The ward represents the Minneapolis campus and surrounding areas.

As Miller spoke, several University students stood behind him, holding up signs in support.

Miller was one of three candidates running for the Ward 2 seat. Those candidates gave speeches before residents broke off into their assigned precincts.

The three candidates visited each precinct caucus to talk about why they are running.

In his speech, Miller spoke about how he feels he can bring something new to the council to solve the problems throughout the city. Ideas, energy and a belief in the future will solve the problems, and he has what it takes to do that, Miller said.

“I just want to believe again – believe that there is a better day in front of us,” he said. “And I promise you I will work day in and day out to make that belief happen.”

He said he is running because he feels the government must do more to let the two groups of most underrepresented residents, East Africans and students, have more say in what happens in Minneapolis.

He also said he plans to bridge the gap between the University and surrounding neighborhoods, and preserve the natural environment by investing in clean and efficient public transportation.

During the precinct caucus, Miller said he was blown away by the number of people there.

“I mean, it is a City Council precinct caucus, and about 300 people showed up,” he said.

Regardless of what happens in terms of his campaign, Miller said, he will feel good because of the number of people who turned out to support him.

Many University students signed up to be delegates for Precincts 4 and 11.

University student Ben Tannehill said he participated in the caucus because University residents represent a large portion of the city but haven’t been represented in the past.

Precinct 4 also voted for two people who were elected to be on the Rules Committee. University student Chris Bigley said the committee consists

of 22 members who set up rules for the caucus about anything not included in the DFL bylaws.

After the vote, Bigley and University student Abby Bar-Lev were elected to be committee members.

Bigley, who supports Miller, said this is the year for University students to get involved because there is a University student running.

“If we are unwilling to get behind him, then we are basically forfeiting our right to have our voices heard,” Bigley said.

Bar-Lev, also a Miller supporter, said Miller has a genuine desire to make the city a better place.