Mayor R.T. Rybak deserves re-election

The Daily’s mayor non-endorsement ignores Rybak’s successes.

by Andrew LaValle

As a resident of Minneapolis, I find The Minnesota Daily Editorial BoardâÄôs âÄúnon-endorsementâÄù of a candidate for mayor to be incredulous. Under the tenure of R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis has made incredible gains in nearly every category. Crime has dropped by double digits. The city is safer than it has been in a long time. Transportation in Minneapolis is being transformed as downtown is revitalized and renovated, the light rail is coming along and even things like Bike Share have come to fruition. Compared to other cities, Minneapolis has weathered the recession incredibly well and is on the rebound. Unemployment in the city is lower than the state and national averages. In terms of education, the public high school graduation rate rose nearly 16 percentage points from 2003 to 2008. Minneapolis has taken gigantic leaps forward and is headed full steam in the right direction. In addition, the DailyâÄôs editorial refusing to endorse a candidate says point blank that none of the other candidates in the field are even capable of being mayor. The article says straight up that Rybak is the only qualified candidate. Even taking all of that into consideration, the Daily decided to make no endorsement. The reasoning the board provides for no endorsement is essentially that Rybak is supposedly too preoccupied with considering a run for governor and has not attended the forums for mayoral candidates. The position taken by the Editorial Board is grossly shortsighted, irresponsible and fails to take into account the big picture of everything that has been done in the city and the outstanding progress that has been made. It overlooks nearly eight years of astonishing success. By not endorsing Rybak, the Daily Editorial Board is basically saying, âÄúHey, you gave me CPR and saved my life, but your breath stinks.âÄù Andrew LaValle University undergraduate student