Offensive comment printed in ‘Overheard’

by Anna Budde

As a female attending the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, I was extremely offended by the comment included in the âÄúOverheadâÄù feature in the March 22 issue of The Minnesota Daily. Supposedly, a physics professor stated that âÄúThere are only two kinds of numbers: rational numbers and women numbers.âÄù This comment is blatantly sexist. While I have experienced this kind of ignorant behavior from some IT faculty in the past, I would never have expected the Daily to stoop so low as to print it. By printing this comment, the Daily is effectively agreeing with the professor and stating that all women are irrational and incapable of logical thought. I am deeply disappointed that the Daily found this comment humorous and print-worthy, and I would appreciate a formal apology. Anna Budde, University undergraduate student