The legacy of “Great Job!” hits the road

by Rebecca Lang

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Papa Johns costumes. Hamburger costumes. Skin-tight body suits featuring giant balls. Obviously comedians Tim & Eric are taking the art of theater to a new level. Naturally, the engineers behind the famous and charitable "Muscles for Bones" bone drive and the "100 Years of Jackie Chan" celebration don’t do anything half-assed, even if they have to replace all of their staff with old men.

Screw spring break and all of the puka shells and Red Lobster manager specials on the agenda, because Tim & Eric’s national tour is going to outdo any celebration. It falls on January 22nd at the Pantages theater. Get tickets or else!

It happens to fall on this particular writer’s mother’s birthday, but that won’t stop her. 911, this sexual romance is over.


p.s. check out their tour diary: