Nun Study to return to the University

The Alzheimer’s study had been moved to the University of Kentucky

The Nun Study, a famous study of AlzheimerâÄôs disease which began at the University of Minnesota in 1986, is returning to Minneapolis from the University of Kentucky, where itâÄôs been since the studyâÄôs founder, David Snowdon, moved it there in 1990. Snowdon has announced his retirement from the University of Kentucky effective this week, his secretary said. In the study, nuns from the School Sisters of Notre Dame agree to donate their brains for AlzheimerâÄôs research after their deaths. Academic Health Center spokesman Nick Hanson said when Snowdon retired, the University of Minnesota had to compete with the University of Kentucky and Johns Hopkins University to determine which institution would continue the research. Hanson said the University will officially announce the return of the study near the end of March. Continue to check for updates.