Woman sexually assaulted;

Sarah McKenzie

A 19-year-old woman was sexually assaulted sometime between 2 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Sunday at Territorial Hall, according to University Police reports.
University Police Detective Charles Miner said the suspect in the assault is an acquaintance of the woman, but did not indicate whether the assailant was affiliated with the University. The woman told police she does not want to press charges, Miner said.
Prosecutors rarely pursue charges when the victim does not want to comply with an investigation, he said.
Police did not release any information about the suspect in police reports.
The victim contacted police because she wanted to have the incident recorded, Miner said.
After the assault, the woman was treated at Fairview-University Medical Center Sunday evening, according to police reports.
Miner said the woman did not sustain serious injuries from the assault. She was released from the hospital after a medical examination.
Ralph Rickgarn, assistant executive director of Housing and Residential Life, said police have not brought the incident to his attention.

In other police news:
ù Police in Hudson, Wis., apprehended a 19-year-old Minneapolis woman after she tried to use the identity of a University student to obtain a Wisconsin identification card.
Hudson police declined to release the woman’s name.
She attempted to use the identity of a 21-year-old General College sophomore, according to University Police reports.
Melanie Herberg, a records clerk for the Hudson Police Department, said the woman was charged with committing fraud in obtaining the identification.
The penalty for such a crime is typically a $100 fine, Herberg said.
A court date has been set for April 7 at the Hudson Municipal Court, she said.
After the woman was charged with the offense, she notified University Police and told them the false name she used.

ù Minneapolis police arrested two University students early Saturday morning for having a disruptive party in Dinkytown and committing a liquor license violation, according to police reports.
Nick Bellante, a freshman in the College of Liberal Arts, said he hosted the party along with another roommate at his house on the 700 block of 8th Avenue Southeast. About 100 people were at the party, he said.
Bellante and his roommate Benjamin Barghini, a University sophomore, were arrested and booked at Hennepin County Jail, according to police reports.
The two students collected $300 from party-goers who paid for beer from two kegs, Bellante said.
When police arrived at the house, Bellante said he complied with their requests and turned over the money.
When police handcuffed Bellante and his roommate Barghini, Bellante said he was shocked.
Both students spent the rest of the evening in jail and were released at noon on Saturday. Bellante said he asked authorities if jail time for such an offense is standard procedure.
“I think that was kind of harsh,” Bellante said. “I was cooperating with police the whole time.”
The students have not been formally charged with any criminal offenses. But Bellante said Minneapolis police have requested further information from residents at the house.

ù University Police arrested a 25-year-old man Saturday at Fairview-University Medical Center for consuming alcohol in public and possessing injection equipment, according to police reports.
Police booked David Lushine at the University Police Department, issued him a citation and then released him from custody.
Lushine is not affiliated with the University.
When officers approached Lushine on the third floor of the Phillips-Wangensteen Building, they conducted a search and found six small bottles of the medicine Marcaine and two needles, according to police reports.

ù Two University Police officers dressed in plainclothes responded to a call from President Mark Yudof’s office March 2, after a student made repeated demands to speak with him.
The police report was not filed until Friday and the name of the student was not released. Joyce Wascoe, assistant to the president, said the student was not threatening but asked to see Yudof a number of times.
According to the police report, the disruptive student walked into the office and made “unreasonable demands.”
“(The student) was very insistent in his need to speak with the president,” Wascoe said.
Wascoe said it is routine procedure to enlist the help of the University Police if they have difficulty reconciling a matter.
She said the individual wanted to discuss a problem he had with Student Judicial Affairs.