Violence at rallies is Trump’s fault

The riots in Chicago were Donald Trump’s fault.
Trump started it by encouraging violence at his political rallies. He said about a protester, “I’d like to punch him in the face, I tell ya.” He also offered to pay the legal expenses of those who commit violence against people who don’t agree with him. He even reminisced about the “good old days” when protesters were taken out on stretchers.
This is the United States, and when you are a political candidate who threatens violence against protesters, you get violence. 
Trump might be able to intimidate his fellow Republican candidates, but if he thinks the electorate is going to allow him to incite a riot, then Americans are going to stop him. 
I’m surprised Trump hasn’t been arrested for the things he has said. It can be illegal for him to get up in front of an audience and tell the crowd to go beat people up. As far as I’m concerned, if Trump doesn’t do a total reversal on his violent rhetoric, then I support what the good people of Chicago did to shut him down.
Marc Perkel
Minnesota Daily reader