Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar thinks that assigning lawyers to certain geographic areas in an effort to address specific crimes will work well in the University community.
For the Hennepin County Attorney candidate, a community prosecution initiative will attack petty crimes and personal safety issues around the University. Lawyers will be responsible for charging and prosecuting cases coming out in the area, Klobuchar said.
This way, they can work on a more proactive basis with the police and community leaders to figure out what the real problems are in that community and target those kinds of crimes, she said.
“It really works best for some of the low-level felonies, the auto thefts, which I am sure is a problem for University students,” said Klobuchar, who is a partner at the law firm Gray Plant Mooty and lives in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, near the University.
Klobuchar has the endorsement of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and the Minneapolis Police Federation, among other groups.
Klobuchar’s agenda includes streamlining the jury selection, which will reduce the amount of trials plea bargained allowing lawyers to spend more time in the actual trials.
She wants to hold judges accountable for their sentences and get guns out of the hands of kids and convicted felons. She is also promoting the reform of the juvenile justice system in order to tackle the most serious juvenile offenders.