Metro Transit bus driver leaves passengers out in the cold

Briana Bierschbach

A Metro Transit bus driver may lose his job after being accused of leaving his passengers out in the cold Wednesday morning, according to Fox.



According to passengers, the driver arrived at the Oakdale Park-and-Ride Oakdale at 7:41 a.m. The route was scheduled to leave at 8:07 for downtown Minneapolis.


The driver allegedly told passengers that he was on his break, and went to take a 20-minute nap while they lined up outside the door.


"You would expect him to open the doors and let us in," Sailaja Nagaphairava told Fox. "My hands were frozen. You should at least have some consideration of the weather outside."


Bob Gibbons, spokesman for Metro Transit, said the costomers had a right to get angry.  "They should have absolutely been allowed to board," he said.


The bus driver has been put on paid leave while Metro Transit officials review the surveillance footage. The 30 some customers who waited out in the cold may be compensated for the incident.