Oppressive Sunday liquor sales laws should be voted on

When will Minnesota put Sunday liquor sales laws to a ballot vote? The tragedy about this topic is the lack of discussion  throughout the year.

The few who champion for Sunday sales are sometimes assumed to be alcoholics, or raging drunks.

To the contrary, the person against oppressive liquor laws, perhaps, can be seen as merely questioning unjust business practices.

What kind of American wants to be limited in their right to work, their right to vote with their dollar and their right to choose?

Why should the taxpayers of Minnesota be prevented from the option to purchase the product they desire on the day they desire to purchase it?

I believe that laws regulating when a business should be open or closed monopolizes the market for certain businesses that pay interest groups to keep others closed.

I have yet to meet a Minnesotan who agrees with the prohibition of Sunday alcohol sales.

Put Sunday liquor sales to a ballot vote, and end this oppressive and unlawful activity for good, for Minnesota. Cheers!