Up-to-date Minneapolis crime data now available online

Nicholas Studenski

The Minneapolis Police Department recently announced a new service that allows citizens to view crime data online.

The service, called RAIDSONLINE, was provided to the city of Minneapolis for free, and is available to the public. The service allows anyone to view Minneapolis crime statistics in a map online. The maps on the website are updated daily, and can be sorted by address, crime type and date. The map displays information on crimes that have happened in the last three years.

The page that includes crime statistics is the most visited section of the MPD website. Previously, the website included large-scale maps that were updated each week.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee’ Harteau said she hopes the new service will keep citizens more informed, and ultimately reduce crime in Minneapolis.

“We are hoping the public will use this system to its fullest extent.  It provides increased transparency and access to time and accurate police incident data.  RAIDSONLINE will give the public a better picture of what’s going on in their neighborhoods.  This awareness will help the MPD solve and reduce overall crime,” she said.