Daily Digest: More Pulitzer news, Tennessee reform school, state demographer isn’t nerdy

by Taryn Wobbema

Happy Tuesday. Here’s your feature-filled Daily Digest:

Yesterday we passed along the links to the 2012 Pulitzer Prize winners. Here are a few more categories:

Editorial Cartooning – Matt Wuerkre of POLITICO 

Breaking News Photography – Massoud Hassaini of Agence France Presse 

Feature Photography – Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post 

Politico and the Huffington Post’s wins give greater credibility to the changing face of media – and, frankly, offer hope that, despite the platform, journalists are still setting high standards. It’s not always about how quickly a story can go up or what will get the most web hits. No publication got more than two awards, the New York Times reported. The Times received one award for explanatory journalism and one international reporting.

The New York Times is in the middle of a five-part feature on Carroll Academy in Tennessee. The school is operated by the Carroll County Juvenile Court and is a day school where at-risk youth are ordered to attend to get “back on the right track.” The reporters were granted access to the girls’ basketball team. An audio slideshow sums up the school's mission and the students' experience, and the series includes profiles of different key players.

Minnesota’s demographer retired in March and now teaches at the University of Minnesota. A Star Tribune profile of Tom Gillaspy looks at his 33 years laying the foundation of facts for the state. Gillaspy said he picked the right time to retire because several projects came to an end at the same time – the census and redistricting – and it's not a budget year.

An excerpt: Gillaspy … is the first to admit that he doesn't fit the career's stereotype of an introverted number-cruncher who is happiest when digging through mounds of data. "A lot of them are like that," he conceded. "It tends to be a quiet profession." And then there's Gillaspy: an outgoing, people person with diverse interests — from gardening to hiking, writing poetry to teaching — that have exploded into a post-retirement schedule that keeps him on the run.