Inaccurate SDS reporting

Jerry Rinehart

The Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (OSCAI) is charged to review reports of all alleged violations of the student conduct code. The Board of Regents Student Conduct Code states: âÄúThis policy applies to all students [individuals] and student organizations at the University of Minnesota.âÄù The Minnesota Daily reporterâÄôs statement in ThursdayâÄôs SDS article that âÄú[Student Unions and Activities] forwarded their findings to the student conduct office in order to punish the members of SDS,âÄù is inaccurate. SUA protocol requires that once it has completed an investigation it forwards to OSCAI complaints regarding individual students within organizations who may have violated the student conduct code. Despite the insinuation in the Daily article, none of the alleged violations associated with the SDS-Convocation incident rise to the level of suspension or expulsion. Of the nine individuals whose names that were forwarded to OSCAI, five have come in and there are no charges against them. Three of the remaining four are no longer students. One student has yet to respond to the request to come in for the interview. Vice Provost Jerry Rinehart Office of Student Affairs