Beginnings with intelligent design

The cause of the universe can be no lesser in qualities than those found in it.

The principle of causality stipulates that whatever is in the effect must be in the cause – i.e., no cause can produce an effect superior to itself, or give more than what it has. This principle has never been falsified, and serves as the foundation of science. Intelligent design theory passes that test by positing that the complexity of life is the result of an intelligent cause. On the other hand, the simple common ancestor proposed by Charles Darwin fails because no simple cause can yield anything more complex than itself. Otherwise the extra complexity would have to come from nothing, which is contrary to reason, and consequently contrary to science. The principle of causality tells us that trying to derive the richness of life from a simple beginning, as Darwin did, deludes. We are trying to get from a simple cause what it does not have, greater complexity. If a simple beginning could in fact cause greater complexity than itself, then it would invalidate the cause-and-effect relationship.

Knowing that complexity’s evolution from any kind of inferior cause is irrational; we must propose that the initial cause of the universe can be no lesser in qualities than the qualities we find in the universe. Thus this logical inference from a complex effect to a cause no lesser in complexity than the effect itself points in the direction of an agent that we may call the parent seed, common ancestor, or cosmic genotype of the phenotype universe.

The existing most advanced form of intelligence constitutes the cosmic system’s input and output and because we have no knowledge of a more advanced form of intelligence, the inference is rational that human intelligence generated the universe for the production of human intelligence in its own image. Thus, whereas Darwin asserts common descent from a simple beginning, the theory of cosmic development posits common descent from the highest form of intelligence that exists. As we have no confirmable evidence that intelligence superior to human intelligence exists, we are constrained to propose that human intelligence generated the universe, pending the discovery of a superior non-human intelligence.

Kazmer Ujvarosy works for Frontline Science. Please send comments to [email protected]