Pimp My School Supplies. DIY

Lucy Nieboer


Sadly, the last day of summer is finally upon us. Today's the day we must bid farwell to days spent loafing on the beach, and unpack the spiral notebooks and cable knit.  Why not use this extra day to make sure we head back to school in style. I'm not talking about my clothes here people. I'm talking about my swaggy school supplies. 

Everyone knows that the best way to make friends in class is to have really awesome school supplies. There's no better way to start off your school year than with a hella fly notebook at your side. How do you turn a boring and pretentious Moleskin/other notebook into a rad writing pad? One word: decoupage. This art/science pastes cool pictures and designs from magazines or newspapers onto regular surfaces and gives them a shiny finish. Here's what you'll need to give your fave notebook a facelift:

A jar or bowl

Some Elmer's School Glue

Some water

A brush 

A popsicle stick

Some magazines

First, mix equal parts water and glue in a bowl or jar. Mix it up well. Cut out some cool pics from magazines. If you want to be really lame and uncreative you could cut out words like "Live Laugh Love" and put them across the cover, but seriously what does that even mean? If you really want to get wordy, try some lyrics from your favorite song or a line of poetry. It would also work to rip strips out of the magazine and layer them in a neat rustic design. 

Next take your cutouts and give them a nice layer of glue-water on each side. On a flat surface lay them down on the cover of your notebook. Use the popsicle stick to push out any air bubbles that you have. Although the glue mixture looks white on top of your pictures, it will dry clear and beautiful. Decoupage looks best when a whole surface is done, so cover every inch of your cover. 

If you're feeling extra glam and crafty wait until your deco design has tried then write the class name across the cover of each subject. Nothing says "I'm a serious academic," like glitter and pictures of flowers on the cover of Intro to Molecular Biology.