Going to do what we want

Alison Henderson

IâÄôm writing in response to the Jan. 19 article in The Minnesota Daily, âÄúUniversity officials: Scoreboard lights not a problem.âÄù A lot about the article doesnâÄôt sit well with me, but what bothers me most is the tone of negligence that airs throughout. The fact that the University of Minnesota is saving money does not alleviate the problem. The lights are still bright, and energy is still being wasted. The source of this energy isnâÄôt even being addressed. How are these lights being powered? If itâÄôs from the coal- fired generator or any source of the like, we should seriously reconsider our attempts to light the city with our shiny new scoreboard. The article tells us that everything will be all right because, âÄúDespite concerns from nearby residents over cost and light pollution, Associate Athletics Director Phil Esten said the scoreboard is the lowest expense when lighting the stadium âĦ âÄù What it should really say is, âÄúDespite the concerns of residents, weâÄôre going to do what we want.âÄù Yes, itâÄôs exciting to see LEDs, and IâÄôll admit that I appreciate having a bit of light when IâÄôm walking home, but how much is too much? Surrounding residents and the University must find a compromise that doesnâÄôt contradict the initiative to be sustainable. Alison Henderson, University undergraduate student