Defending freedom at the polls

We made a mistake this week. Everyone knows what Sept. 11 was, but how many know what Sept. 10 was? For those who don’t know, it was Minnesota state primary election day. As usual, turnout was abominable. When I went to vote, late in the afternoon, I was only the 56th person to vote in my precinct all day. No efforts were made to announce the primary, nor to encourage people to vote. Sept. 11th, however, has been talked about for weeks, even months. Events were planned and attended. Everyone was aware of the significance of the day. It is fitting and proper that, on the anniversary of the attacks, we mourn our dead and commemorate our heroes. It is unacceptable, however, that election day, the chief symbol of our democratic rights, went unnoticed. Sept. 11 proved that terrorists cannot destroy our democracy. Sept. 10 proved that we can.