Man attempts to throw bench through window

Also, a St. Paul man was taken to HCMC for self-inflicted injuries.

Kyle Sando

A man was arrested Sunday after attempting to throw a wrought iron bench through a window at SallyâÄôs Saloon and Eatery, according to a University of Minnesota Police Department report. Joseph Lafleur, 27, was irate after the USA hockey team lost to Canada in the gold medal game, according to the report. According to the report, Lafleur said, âÄúIâÄôm pissed off at Miller; he should have stopped that shot.âÄù Ryan Miller was the goalie for the USA hockey team in the Olympic Games. The arresting officers were having lunch at SallyâÄôs when Lafleur began kicking the bench outside. The report said he kicked it until it fell over and then pushed it into the picture window near where they were sitting. After he saw the officers come out of the entrance, Lafleur began walking at a fast pace eastbound along Washington Avenue Southeast. He was told to stop several times but did not cooperate. The report said one of the arresting officers took Lafleur to the ground after he caught up with him. Lafleur was noted in the report as resisting the officersâÄô attempts to handcuff him. Lafleur continued to be hostile and uncooperative as the officers searched him, University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. The officers tried to give Lafleur a breathalyzer test, but he would not cooperate, Miner said, however, they were able to capture a manual recording, which is done by taking a reading of the air around the mouth. Lafleur blew a .08 on the test, according to the report. He was cited with disorderly conduct and taken to Hennepin County Jail. St. Paul man arrested after causing a scene in Cedar-Riverside A St. Paul man was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for self-inflicted injuries he incurred in the back of a squad car after being arrested for disorderly conduct Friday night, according to a University police report. David Kuh, 25, was spotted in the middle of Cedar Avenue South by University police officers, according to the report. Kuh was yelling profanities at the patrons of PalmerâÄôs Bar. The report said the officers approached Kuh and told him to calm down. Kuh continued to yell at the patrons and yelled at the officers that he didnâÄôt do anything wrong. The report said Kuh became argumentative, clenched his fists and teeth and began breathing heavily. Kuh was taken to the squad car, searched for weapons and was put in the back seat. The officers noted in the report that Kuh was visibly impaired by alcohol and possibly narcotics. The report said Kuh began to bang his head repeatedly on the divider between the backseat and the front. The officers opened the back door and tried to restrain him, the report said. A short struggle ensued. An officer held a can of Mace in front of KuhâÄôs face and told him if he didnâÄôt comply he would use it on him, the report said. Kuh continued to resist and the officer sprayed the contents in his face, which had no effect, the report said. Kuh was eventually handcuffed. Kuh was taken to Hennepin County Jail at first, but was taken to HCMC instead because of his injuries, Miner said. He was cited with disorderly conduct.