The urgency of a green economy

Joshua Low

As the March 30 Daily editorial âÄúGap in green energyâÄù points out, China is not waiting around to build its clean energy economy. China already manufactures solar panels, wind turbines and energy efficient light bulbs. Soon they may dominate the electric car market. America cannot afford to be left behind in the clean energy race. The Senate needs to pass a strong clean energy and climate bill this year. The bill should include a strong renewable energy standard like the one we have in Minnesota and support for clean energy manufacturers. A comprehensive clean energy jobs and climate bill will create millions of jobs. Minnesota is ready for the clean energy economy. Workers from electricians to meteorologists are working in solar and wind energy, Minnesota manufactures hybrid transit buses and the Iron Range may soon have a wind turbine manufacturing plant. DonâÄôt be left behind in the clean energy race. Joshua Low, Sierra Club