Starling Project soars

The project is helping match renters with property owners.

Daily Editorial Board

During a challenging time for businesses and property owners along the Central Corridor light-rail construction path, University of Minnesota students are actively helping the community. University graduate students created the volunteer-based group called the Starling Project. This organization works as matchmakers to connect potential renters with property owners to liven up the area.

The Starling Project is a perfect way for University graduate students to help the neighborhood businesses and get real-life experience reviving a community during a rough period.

Property owners in the construction area are allowing artists, community groups and entrepreneurs to rent their space temporarily and for a low price. The graduate students of the Starling Project work to connect the tenant to the owners. The temporary new use of the space, for any use, will hopefully stimulate the area.

The students of the Starling Project have already teamed up with several other neighborhood organizations in hopes of expanding the project to other areas of University Avenue.

This type of student-volunteer-driven work in the University’s surrounding community is an excellent way to use resources here on campus and take action to help struggling businesses. Several people and organizations have already shown interest in the Starling Project’s services since the project took off in December.

All University students should admire this type of ambition and follow in this program’s footsteps in order to help the community surrounding the campus and get real life experience outside of the classroom.