DOE grant enhanceslearning accessibility

A $692,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education will allow the University to become a leader in improving education for students with disabilities. The grant, awarded by the curriculum transformation and disability division of the DOE, will be given to General College to pilot a national project for disabled students.
Although every student occasionally faces difficulties dealing with the complexities of a college education, for students with disabilities, the difficulties can sometimes seem insurmountable. Rather than simply worrying about comprehending the subject matter and memorizing names and dates, students with disabilities might also have to worry about how to get into the classroom or how to ensure they can understand the words the professor is saying.
The project aims at improving the learning environment in an attempt to make a college education more accessible for students with disabilities. To that end, the project includes assistance for creating a more accessible curriculum and improving student-teacher interaction. The project will begin with training for General College faculty and will then expand to include all University of Minnesota campuses, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and regional schools like the University of Iowa.
This project will be a great boon for the University. It will benefit current students with disabilities and give the University another recruitment tool to encourage prospective students with disabilities to consider the University.