My picks for best of the decade — Kara

Kara Nesvig

I spent most of the 2000s in a teeny tiny town up near Fargo, population approx. 243. The only way we got "indie" music was from "The O.C." soundtrack.


My Personal Favorite Movies of the 2000s:

The Pianist



My relationship with my high school boyfriend was founded upon our love for this movie. It still is.

Moulin Rouge!

The Royal Tenenbaums


The Virgin Suicides



Bring it On

My cheerleading squad watched this Kirsten Dunst movie over and over until we learned all the cheers. I think I still remember them. If it’s on cable, you can bet I am watching.

The September Issue


(What does this say about me? I like pretty movies with Kirsten Dunst in them, even if I don’t like Kirsten Dunst.)


Worst: Frequency, with Dennis Quaid (I still don’t understand it — how does the father not die even though he actually did die?)


My Favorite Albums of the 2000s:

Lady Gaga, "The Fame"/"The Fame Monster"

The Strokes, "Is This It"

Britney Spears, "Blackout"

Definitely Britney’s best, even if she had scant involvement in it. It was the soundtrack to more than a few Darque Tan sessions back in 2007 and hasn’t gotten old yet.

Feist, "Let it Die"

Broken Social Scene, "You Forgot it in People"

Rilo Kiley, "More Adventurous"

Johnny Cash, "American IV: The Man Comes Around"

Black Keys, "Magic Potion"

Lil Wayne, "Tha Carter III"

Is 8 AM too early to listen to Weezy? No.

Cat Power, "The Greatest"


Worst: "Playing with Fire," Kevin Federline

My Favorite Books of the 2000s:

Jonathan Safran-Foer, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close"

Mary Karr, "Cherry"

I went through a phase one summer wherein I only read memoir, and Karr’s are definitely amongst the best.

Jeanette Walls, "The Glass Castle"

Plum Sykes, "Bergdorf Blondes"

Chuck Klosterman, "Fargo Rock City"

CK and I have both been to Whitey’s in Grand Forks, ND. Have you?

Audrey Niffenegger, "The Time Traveler’s Wife" 

The movie is awful, but the book is beautiful.

Jeffrey Eugenides, "Middlesex"

Ian McEwan, "Atonement"

Margaret Atwood, "The Blind Assassin"

Joyce Carol Oates, "Blonde"


Worst: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert

My Favorite TV Shows of the 2000s:

Sex and the City

I’ve seen every episode at least five times and they have yet to get old. I still cry every time I watch "My Motherboard, My Self."

Arrested Development


Gossip Girl