Republicans want a repeal of Affordable Care Act without offering alternatives

Does anyone really believe that Republicans will implement their own extensive healthcare plan in the case that they scrap the Affordable Care Act?

The current GOP leadership has said that they want to turnMedicare over to private enterprise, reduce Social Security benefits and eliminate or severely limit regulations. Health care has never been a priority of Republicans, and it never will be.

Democrats demonstrated that they support the health care needs of ordinary citizens. They fought for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the Affordable Care Act.

Their goal has never been socialism or extremism as conservative media outlets would like you to believe. They try to ensure that the disenfranchised are helped, the middle class gets a fair return on their labor and investors get a fair return on their capital. Their model involves appropriate government involvement, not anti-capitalistic or socialist policy. The GOP has yet to come up with a proper alternative to this model.