Wherefore art thou, Chromeo?

The electrofunk sensations take on First Ave. this weekend.

For Chromeo, partying is such sweet sorrow that they party ‘til it be morrow

Tim Saccenti

For Chromeo, partying is such sweet sorrow that they party ‘til it be morrow

Mark Brenden

Chromeo with Holy Ghost Where: First Ave., 701 1st Ave. N. When: Aug. 7, 7 p.m. Cost: $20 2010 has sheltered an unspoken soul revival. ItâÄôs been subtle and itâÄôs been hushed, but everybody seems to be dropping a spoonful of baby-making soul in their musical tea. If youâÄôre looking for a soulful rose who smells pretty damn sweet, electrofunk duo Chromeo doff thy name. The twosome has enjoyed a significant swing in popularity this year, with a spot at Lollapalooza and two well-received showings at Coachella and Bonnaroo. Their 21st Century Hall and Oates schtick has resonated well with the funk junkies (funkies?) of 2010. Above all, Chromeo swoons. âÄúDonâÄôt turn the lights on /âÄôCuz tonight I wanna see you in the dark,âÄù guitarist/vocalist Dave 1 sings in their new single âÄúDonâÄôt Turn the Lights On.âÄù The lyrics have the relatable sincerity to get lodged in your head, and the music has the funk to make them swim in there. In our indelible Age of Irony, ChromeoâÄôs brand of self-assured candor is a rarity, but synth and talk box player Patrick Gemayel, known as P- Thugg, said it just comes naturally. âÄúYou canâÄôt really plan those things,âÄù he said. âÄúYou donâÄôt wake up and be like âÄòYo IâÄôm gonna be sincere about what I do.âÄô You just are.âÄù But their (often sexual) sincerity has yielded an unexpected response from their fans. Though their crowds do house the predictably drunk club-hoppers who, to echo Kid RockâÄôs immortal words, attempt to âÄúget in the pit and try to love someone,âÄù P-Thugg has been perplexed by their youthfulness. âÄúWeâÄôre getting younger and younger kids coming to the shows and weâÄôre like âÄòWhere does that come from? What the hell? Do they understand what we do?âÄô âÄù he said. âÄúI think thatâÄôs when you transcend generations, when your music doesnâÄôt have to be understood with references,âÄù he added. âÄú… People just enjoy it for what it is.âÄù Something thatâÄôs particularly 2010 about Chromeo is their unabashed employment of auto-tune and talk box. Sure, Stevie Wonder stuffed the talk box down his throat four decades ago, but itâÄôs undeniable that the robot tube will be a relic of our freakishly in-tune era. âÄúItâÄôs my thing, man. ItâÄôs my favorite instrument to play,âÄù P-Thugg said, defending the honor of the talk box. âÄúI always wanted to be a singer, but IâÄôm really bad at it. It allows me to sing in tune.âÄù Perhaps itâÄôs their of-the-moment charisma, perhaps their ineradicable funk, but advertisers took note of the soul brothers years before the rest of America. The group has had their tunes dress up commercials from McDonaldâÄôs to Heineken to ReeseâÄôs Peanut Butter Cups . âÄúHeineken and McDonaldâÄôs were really into our music before we even got popular,âÄù P-Thugg said. âÄú[Doing commercials] is more like kudos to them for knowing who we were.âÄù Besides releasing their highly anticipated album âÄúBusiness CasualâÄù and embarking on an international tour, Chromeo is just giddy to play in our Prince -made City of (groovy) Lakes. âÄúI love Minneapolis, man,âÄù P-Thugg said. âÄúCity of Funk, ya know?âÄù