Patient reports rape at Fairview

A female patient told police she was assaulted by a hospital employee Wednesday.

Ian Larson

A 67-year-old woman reported that she was sexually assaulted at University of Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview on Wednesday night, according to police.

The woman alleged that she was raped by a hospital employee while she was a patient there, University of Minnesota Police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said.

Police have not yet identified a suspect.

“We’re evaluating whether the medical condition has affected her ability to relay some information relevant to the case,” Miner said. “But we’re certainly investigating trying to determine whether it took place and who the suspect might have been.”

Due to HIPPA restrictions, Fairview was not able to disclose circumstances related to the case, Fairview Health Services spokeswoman Jennifer Amundson

Amundson said that any time a patient reports an incident, hospital staff gives the option of notifying police. 

Patients are able to request a change of room or nursing staff if they are uncomfortable, she said.