Professor treated fairly in inquiry, judge rules

Kamariea Forcier

A federal judge dismissed a two-year-old lawsuit Tuesday brought against the University by psychiatry professor James A. Halikas.
Halikas alleged the University violated his 14th Amendment right to due process during its handling of an investigation into an addiction study he conducted on nine opium users.
United States District Judge James A. Rosenbaum found that Halikas was treated fairly in the course of the University investigation.
In 1993, Halikas conducted a study on the effectiveness of the chemical Gamma Hydroxybutyrate on patients suffering from opium addiction.
Halikas said he may not appeal the federal court decision against him because he has no money left to pay attorneys. Halikas spent more than $100,000 on legal fees before his attorneys told him they would have to drop his case because he could not pay them. But Halikas said he may next pursue the case through the University Senate.
“I still want vindication. They smeared me,” Halikas said. “They have never restored me to what they should have restored me to.”