On Cosi Fan Tutte’s U of M Opening

Sarah Harper

The Minnesota Opera recently put on a production of Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte.” This week, the ole University Opera Theatre will take a turn with the same show, as School of Music students strut their “Cosi” stuff at Ted Mann Concert Hall.  

The opera follows two jaunty mysogynists as they mess with their girlfriends’ heads and try to figure out if their chicks will cheat on them. I saw the Minnesota Opera’s “Cosi” at the Ordway in St. Paul a few weeks ago – and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my first opera ever. That’s right, I do not know that much about opera. Yeah, I can catch magic flute references with the best of ’em, but when it comes to knowing actual things, I’m out. “Cosi Fan Tutte” was probably the perfect opera I could have seen as my first: it’s easy to digest, and in true rococo form, it’s light on the eyes and the ears. I’ve always found use of the word “romp” to describe books/plays/movies a little contrived, but this cupcake opera truly was the rompiest romp I’ve ever romped through. Audience members giggled as the stars gaffed and schemed their way to a classically comedic ending. I did end up feeling a little sad, mainly because the two guys are total buttheads and I couldn’t believe their gall. But whatever, it’s all about the high-spirited finish anyway. More info can be found here.