Gays in the military

This letter is in response to Sam Glover’s Nov. 20 editorial analysis “Military should recognize gays”. I am not writing because I have problem with homosexuals in the military, but because Glover makes problematic, unsubstantiated arguments.

He cannot open by saying that the Army dismissed nine linguists based on their sexuality without offering some proof. He cannot argue that more heterosexual men sneak off to meet with women than there are gay soldiers fraternizing and expect people to believe him just because he said it. He cannot speak on behalf of the American public and say that “everyone could be uncomfortable” if they knew the “sexual orientation of service members.” He cannot make a blanket comment such as, “Black and white service members rarely socialize with one another.”

Speaking as a thinking person who also happens to be a daughter of a command sergeant major, I’d have to say that Glover’s claim is not valid. I have attended a number of military functions and have seen with my own eyes “black and white service members socializing.” I have also seen “women and men socializing.” Perhaps my dad’s unit is a diamond in the rough, but I at least attempt to support my criticism of Glover.

Finally, if military men and women were caught “together” or in the “showers for a quickie,” they would face equally severe consequences. Heterosexuals are supposed to suppress their sexuality too. Glover himself wrote: “There are reasons for rules against fraternization, applied equally to gay and straight service members.” The military is not supposed to be a singles’ hangout.

I agree that it is silly that a person’s sexual orientation could prevent him or her from joining the military, but Glover’s so-called editorial analysis is in no way, shape or form an argument that can be taken seriously.

Ellen King, alumna