Daily cartoon

I opened the editorial section Monday to find a political cartoon depicting a private plane crashing into the Capitol building (Oct. 28). Though Sen. Paul Wellstone’s re-election bid was perhaps the most closely followed in the United States and control of the Senate now hangs in the balance, this tragedy must not be exploited by some sophomoric attempt at black comedy.

While the cartoon’s intent might have been benign (Wellstone was the “soul of the Senate” and politics will be irrevocably changed regardless of the outcome of the election), as a Democrat, I find the0 eerie parallels to United Flight 93 and “CIA/Republican Party sabotage conspiracy theories” blatantly offensive.

This paper has erred in judgment and has stepped outside the bounds of good taste too many times that I can no longer continue supporting The Minnesota Daily with my tuition dollars.

Jonathan Hiatt, junior, English