Mandela receives Canada’s highest honor

OTTAWA (AP) — South African President Nelson Mandela on Thursday became the first foreign leader to receive Canada’s highest honor, appointment to the Order of Canada.
The award, presented by Governor General Romeo LeBlanc, capped a day of tributes to Mandela, who also became one of the few foreign leaders ever to address a joint session of Parliament.
In his speech, Mandela thanked Canada for its help during the struggle against apartheid and asked for continued support as South Africa tries to develop its democracy and economy.
This is Mandela’s second trip to Canada but his first as head of state. He visited in 1990, shortly after South Africa’s white-minority government released him from prison after 27 years.
Mandela said he wants to encourage trade links with Canada. Since 1994, trade has increased threefold between Canada and South Africa to almost $650 million U.S. a year.