Pawlenty’s budget cuts unnecessary

Gov. Tim PawlentyâÄôs budget proposal and cuts are not what is needed at this time of economic devastation. As a student at the University of Minnesota, I will be drastically affected by these cuts and therefore urge that different action is taken than to cut funding on education. I chose to go to a public university because I think it is an affordable way to receive an excellent education. If we value Minnesota and investing in the future, we need to ensure that students have access to affordable higher education. Pawlenty proposes $151 million cut in University funding over the next two years. While President Bob Bruininks claims he will work to keep tuition raises under 10 percent, an increase of 18 percent of tuition by 2010 would be needed to amount to the governorâÄôs proposed cuts. Please talk to your legislators about the importance of funding for our valuable education, and thank the students who lobbied at Support the U day at the Capitol on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Maybe the solution is a more progressive and fair taxation system that will leave us with more money and less need for cuts. So, talk to your legislators and ask for fair treatment. Danielle Smith University student