The risks of holistic medicine

Eli Cizewski-Robinson

A Monday column in The Minnesota Daily, âÄúThe risks of government-approved medication,âÄù brings up important issues about government regulations on drugs. However, the conclusions that are drawn are utterly ridiculous. There was a focus on the HPV vaccine, so I will address that first. According to the column, 59 people have died and 17,000 have had adverse reactions, which range from minor irritation to life-threatening conditions. However, considering the 26 million doses that have been administered, these numbers are hardly causes for great alarm. I am not denying there are problems in the drug industry with screening; however, I fundamentally disagree with the author over the solution. We should not be giving greater credence to homeopathic medicine of which there is very little supporting scientific evidence and few regulations. Instead, we need to have stricter controls on how drugs are approved and how the studies of their efficacy and safety are carried out. The last thing we should do is switch from medicine with regulation issues to unscientific medicine with almost no regulation at all. Eli Cizewski-Robinson University undergraduate student