About the guide

Jim Hammerand

Today, The Minnesota Daily offers an election guide for the 2006 midterm election. Several high-profile races are in play Tuesday, including state executive seats and federal and state legislative seats.

This guide provides, in question-and-answer format, major party candidates’ positions on issues including the war in Iraq, education, foreign policy, health care, immigration, abortion, gay marriage, public subsidies, transportation and taxes.

The Daily’s policy desk compiled four sets of questions for races of importance to the University community: one for federal candidates; one for state House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates; one for secretary of state candidates; and one for attorney general candidates. Candidates within each race answered identical questions from the same interviewer.

In the interest of fairness, candidates did not know the questions or topics until the interviews, conducted between Oct. 18 and Oct. 27. Daily reporters conducted the interviews by phone or in person to ensure answers came directly from the person seeking office. The Daily did not accept e-mailed submissions.

Candidates’ responses were not limited to any length but edited for clarity, brevity and relevance.

Three candidates, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Republican 5th Congressional District candidate Alan Fine and Republican 6th District candidate Michele Bachmann, declined to be interviewed. Christina Quick, the Republican candidate for state House District 59B, did not respond to interview requests.

The Daily notes this in the guide, rather than risk misrepresenting their platforms or accepting e-mailed statements.

Further candidate information can be found at the Web sites of the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office Web site, www.sos.state.mn.us; the state campaign finance and public disclosure board, www.cfboard.state.mn.us; and those belonging to the respective candidates and their parties.