Addressing sexual assault prevention

MSA released a report detailing ways in which men can help.

The Minnesota Student Association released a report on Monday that aimed to provide some insight regarding how men at the University of Minnesota think about sexual assault.

The undergraduate student government group has made it a point this year that it is serious about sexual assault prevention. This week’s report, titled “Guys Don’t Get Consent,” is a step in the right direction toward making tangible, positive changes in our campus climate.

An MSA representative recently told the Minnesota Daily that many of the 18 participants in the organization’s focus groups referenced a “gray area” of consent when alcohol is involved.

This is a serious issue, as consent is a “yes” or “no” matter — there’s no “gray area.” This problem certainly isn’t unique to the University campus; it’s a larger societal problem. We applaud MSA’s continuing efforts to address this and other issues by encouraging more bystander intervention and engaging more men in conversations regarding sexual assault prevention on our campus.

The student government hopes to unveil its sexual assault prevention campaign in April. In the meantime, there’s much work to be done.

It appears that MSA is engaging other relevant organizations, like the Aurora Center, to help in its efforts, but we hope it can expand further to engage the entire campus community. We look forward to watching MSA’s initiative develop and hope it comes out with some tangible results.