Making the Gopher Way more accessible

I feel the Minnesota Daily’s Feb. 18 article “Gophers prefer crossing campus above ground,” which was about students forgoing the Gopher Way tunnels, was remiss in regard to the lacking disability access of the tunnel systems. 

An injury temporarily put me in a wheelchair for a semester, and when I could walk, I was only able to use a wheeled backpack. The tunnels were a safe alternative to the potential snow blocks and icy sidewalks, but ultimately failed me when I would reach my destination only to be stopped by stairs or a door without an automated open button. 

Disability Services provides maps annotating handicap access, but this means having the map on me, looking for alternate routes and trying to figure out if accessible elevators can take me to my destination. I think the existing signs should be amended to note what to expect on the other side.  It would be an easy way to ameliorate frustrations with this valuable alternate form of building access.