NCAA will release investigative

Todd Milbourn

The report is ready.
After more than ten weeks of deliberations, the NCAA Committee on Infractions will release the findings of its investigation into academic fraud Tuesday and announce any further sanctions on the University men’s basketball program.
University officials appeared before the eight-member committee Aug. 11 in Avon, Colo., arguing that penalties imposed by the University in the wake of the scandal were sufficient.
The University barred itself from post-season play last year, reduced scholarships, limited recruiting and made an offer to the NCAA to repay up to 90 percent of revenues accrued while using ineligible players.
The University also made sweeping personnel changes and restructured athletics oversight.
Further NCAA penalties could include a ban from post-season play and a loss of TV rights, as well as recruiting and financial aid restrictions.
The University will have an opportunity to appeal any sanctions, but University President Mark Yudof has said an appeal would be unlikely.
The report was originally estimated to take six to eight weeks to finish.
NCAA officials would not comment on why the report’s release took longer than projected.
University officials will hold a press conference Tuesday to discuss the report.
The report will be published on the NCAA’s Web site,, on Tuesday.

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