Rethinking medical marijuana

This debate over the legalization of marijuana is getting old. If you take a look at states with legalized medical marijuana, itâÄôs pretty evident that it can easily be cheated.
Under California law, you donâÄôt even need a prescription to gain access to the medical marijuana dispensaries. All you need is a written or oral recommendation from a physician. The medical marijuana is not regulated by FDA standards. For obvious reasons, the FDA must do extensive testing on drugs hitting the market in case the drugs are potentially harmful or ineffective.
The people who use medical marijuana are at the risk of their âÄúcaregiversâÄù for quality of product. According to NORML, the pro-medical marijuana organization, only 22 percent of California medical marijuana users suffer from an AIDS-related disease. The majority of the rest have subjective disorders like âÄúchronic pain.âÄù
Unless this system is reformed, IâÄôd say itâÄôs a joke. The U.S. has a lot bigger problems than the legalization of marijuana, so advocates should read up on some of those issues and rally in support of something that is more pressing to our nation.