U students reflect on last semester, look to future

Some students spent winter break working while others relaxed.

Greg Corradini

A new year is here.

Brandon Murphy said he is still annoyed about last year. He did not receive an “A” in his biology class last semester.

“I was kind of disappointed,” the first-year student said. “If I had to do it all over again, I think I would take an easier biology class.”

Still, Murphy said he was excited about the new semester.

He’s not the only one.

With a new semester already here, University students are moving past the mistakes of 2004 and looking ahead to the future.

Take Nimo Adan, for example. The sociology student said her biggest blunder last semester was taking “stupid soil classes” she didn’t need.

“I don’t know anything about (soils),” Adan said. “The first week of class, I couldn’t understand anything the teacher was saying.”

This semester, Adan said, she is looking forward to starting her geology course work.

Now that he has a job again, first-year student Joe Roberts can finally pay his rent.

Usually a University Dining Services employee at Middlebrook Hall, Roberts said he had to work at a different job in Coffman Union last week to make ends meet.

His roommate, Aaron White, is a senior and the head UDS student manager of Middlebrook Hall dining services. White said he spent the winter break “going broke” because the dining service shut down for a month.

Roberts said, “If I wouldn’t have been able to work this week, I would have been $100 short (of rent).”

That is not the case for Amare Solomon.

The University student security monitor said he was able to put more hours in over winter break because other student security monitors went home for the holidays.

“Now, it’s cool,” Solomon said. “I didn’t have to wake up in the morning, and I could work as many hours as I wanted. I needed money for tuition.”

And then there are sleepy students such as University economics senior Bryan Garcia.

His biggest slip-up last semester, he said, was not getting enough shut-eye.

“I always slept through my morning classes,” Garcia said.

But at the end of this semester, Garcia said, he hopes to graduate and move on from the University.

“That’s all I am looking forward to,” he said.