Suicide spurs concern, talks

Employees of Boynton Health Service and University Counseling and Consulting Services passed out suicide-prevention fliers to students this weekend, following the suicide of a Middlebrook Hall resident.
A College of Liberal Arts freshman who lived in the dormitory was found dead in her room early Saturday afternoon.
Later that day, three employees from counseling services and a crisis prevention worker from Boynton had discussions with the residents who lived on the woman’s floor. Residents living on other floors in Middlebrook Hall had meetings on Sunday to discuss suicide prevention and intervention.
For information on suicide prevention or for someone to talk to about suicidal feelings, University officials have given the following numbers:
The crisis line for the Mental Health Clinic of Boynton Health Service is 625-8475. Students can also ask to speak to someone at University Counseling and Consulting Services at 624-3323.
— Kamariea Forcier