Weekend Culture Compass – Brew at the Zoo, Sneaker Pimps and breakfast joints

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome.

Friday Fashion – Glamorama Here’s what you need to know about Macy’s annual fashion show Glamorama. Number one: All of Macy’s nicest lines will walk the runway. No tacky INC here. Two: It raises money for children’s cancer research. Three: John Munson from Semisonic, and now The New Standards, is a really nice guy and his band is playing. Four: Ne-Yo is going to be there. Five: Two models walking in the show aren’t big-city New York girls but from our own fair city. Six: Lancome is in charge of the makeup. Seven: It’s a huge deal, with a giant afterparty at the downtown Macy’s store. Eight: The models smile down the runway. Orpheum Theatre 910 Hennepin Ave. 8 p.m. $75 Music – Sneaker Pimps: the World’s Largest Sneaker Hip-Hop Lifestyle Show Sneakers are a huge part of a hip-hop fanatic’s image, from sparkling clean Adidas to multicolored Dunks and everywhere in between. They lend a polish and a swagger to any ensemble from tracksuits to tuxedos. Kanye West designed some for Louis Vuitton that cost more than a semester of tuition. Pharrell wears his own Ice Creams. What kind of shoes do Clipse (who’s been produced by Kanye, the Neptunes, and Timbaland, for starters) and Muja Messiah favor? You’ve got to go to Sneaker Pimps (not the trip-hop group) to see. First Avenue 701 1st Ave. N. 8 p.m. $20-25 Awesome Idea – Brew at the Zoo Lions, tigers, and beers – oh my! We’re all still little kids at heart, ready to ooh and ahh at cute animals at the drop of a hat, except now, we’re legal to drink. We can do both at the Minnesota Zoo tonight. No screaming children disrupting your animal-viewing pleasure, no pushy moms, just fun people, Korean BBQ, and tons of beers from all over the region. Grab a drink, gawk at a giraffe. MN Zoo 13000 Zoo Blvd. Apple Valley 7 p.m. $55 ($30 if you’re DD) Dancing – STREET SOUNDS The folks at cool-people collectives Burlesque, Attitude City, and l’etoile magazine bring us another sure-to-be sweaty, hip dancin’ night at First Ave’s VIP room, which holds more people than you’d think. Attitude City are big-name DJs around the metro, with their annual yacht party a highlight of many a cool kid’s summer, and they’re joined by Mike the 2600 King, who has a habit of sampling from Sesame Street. First Avenue VIP Room 701 First Ave. N. 10 p.m. $5 Music – Vampire Hands You can read our interview with Vampire Hands guitarist Chris Rose for more background on the rising-star Twin Cities band, or you can take our word for it and go check out their CD release show at the Turf Club. Vampire Hands are a band that critics just can’t seem to pin down a trademark sound for, but “Hannah in the Mansion” leans towards trippy psychedelia/raw rock fusion, sort of like the Beach Boys hanging out with Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Turf Club, 1601 University Ave., St. Paul 9 p.m. $8 Saturday Sexy Things – Buck Angel We here at A&E are always open to performance art, and Buck Angel, a female-to-male porn star (who hasn’t had reassignment surgery, but lives as a man) sounds like quite the intriguing show at the liberal, bondage-loving Ground Zero. He’s in MPLS all weekend, stopping at the Smitten Kitten Thursday and Friday before doing a BDSM performance at Ground Zero’s Bondage-a-Go-Go night. Ground Zero 15 4th St. N.E. 9 p.m. $6 Fashion – Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion The U’s Goldstein Museum actually holds a lot of impressive fashion artifacts, and their exhibit “Intersections,” which has been running for about a month to acclaim, is all about the mingling of art and fashion. There are coats emblazoned with Lichtenstein’s comic paintings, fashion-centric pieces of art and Louis Vuitton artist/handbag collabs, to name a few. While you’re there, check out the rest of their archives. They claim a rare piece of Schiaparelli and a cute pink Chanel suit, among other priceless designs. Fashion is art in itself, after all. Goldstein Museum of Design 1985 Buford Ave., St. Paul Daily, free Art – Doodling by Peyton Peyton Russell is an artist and a boxer – what a combination. He used to be a grafitti artist, then turned straight and founded Juxtaposition Arts and helped young kids mural on the right side of the law with a hip-hop flavor. Besides his “doodles,” he’s also a silkscreen print artist, and his opening show will offer Russell’s abstract works for purchase, or for simply admiring. Nicademus Art and Framing 225 Snelling Ave. N, St. Paul 7-11 p.m. free Bars – PlayDate If you were the kind of kid who pestered your parents and friends to play games with you 24/7, then PlayDate is for you. You could go to the Chatterbox, of course, to go back to the days of childhood play, or you could check out this frequent night for the young at heart. PlayDate features not only tabletop classics like Hungry Hungry Hippos but hula-hoops and Twister too. These things are fun sober, but you know they’re a lot more fun when you’ve had a cocktail or two … or three. Hyatt Regency hotel 1300 Nicollet Mall 9 p.m. $10 Sunday Music – Cadillac vs. Cornbread First of all, Palmer’s is worth going to because their drinks are super-strong, their barstools are filled with all sorts of interesting folk and sometimes a dog runs around. Also, the sometime presence of local bluesman Javier Matos is definitely worth supporting. Every Sunday at the West Bank Bar, two of Matos’ piano-playing contemporaries (well, not exactly, since Cornbread is 80) take the stage as a sort of “dueling piano” act. Dueling pianos always go well with Palmer’s whiskey lemonade, which trust us, is all whiskey with some lemons thrown in for good measure. Palmer’s Bar 500 S. Cedar Ave. Every Sunday, 8 p.m. free Restaurants – Trattoria Tosca Trattoria Tosca’s head chef is only 24 years old and a locovore at that, so the meat comes from local farms. Fits in perfectly in yuppie Linden Hills, but it’s worth risking the yup for its sure-to-be delicious Italian and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine and $5 glasses of table wine. Pasta entrees start at $10 and bigger entrees are anywhere from $20-30, perfect to share on a date. This is a date restaurant for sure, dimly lit and romantic or patioside in the balmy August night. (Be warned: the menu changes due to availability of produce and such, so you never know quite what’ll be featured that day. That’s fun, though, right?) Linden Hills 3415 W. 44th St. Dinner hours: 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Sun. – Thu., 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. Fri. – Sat. Exhibit – Bodies: The Exhibition I had the opportunity to check out Body Worlds, the big brother to this smaller showcase, when it was touring at the Science Museum a few years ago. It was fantastic, and even if you’re like me and have very little interest in science, the attention to detail and the incredible work done for this show are worth seeing. It’s astounding to see what a complicated thing the human body really is, and it isn’t freaky at all thinking these are cadavers. Trust me. Mall of America 60 E. Broadway, Bloomington starts at 11 a.m. $22 Sunday Stuff – Best Breakfast The Twin Cities has a ton of restaurants/diners/cafes who specialize in breakfast food, and as a breakfast enthusiast I’ve sampled more than my fair share. Since it’s Sunday morning, why don’t you go out for that amazing murky black coffee and cheap, runny eggs these places are so beloved for? Some of my favorites include Sunny-Side Up Cafe on Lyndale, Egg & I either on Lyndale or University (towards St. Paul), and, of course, the beloved Al’s Breakfast in Dinkytown. The corned beef hash and blue corn pancakes at Sunny-side Up come with my highest recommendation. Parties – Mad Men Season 3 Premiere Party Trust Transmission’s Jake Rudh, himself a “Mad Men” fan and a mid-century modern furniture enthusiast, to spin the perfect mix for this ’60s-inspired (dress accordingly) party to celebrate the 3rd season of the AMC show. The premiere episode will screen at the party, with music from Jeremy Messersmith, Janey Winterbauer, and Lucy Michelle to follow. AMC is involved in the event, so expect amazing prizes for best dressed winners, and of course there’ll be more than a few martinis to swill. Are you a Don Draper at heart? Maybe a Joan or a Betty? Go to Blacklist Vintage, Tatters, or Up Six Vintage to outfit yourself in decade-appropriate wear. It’s gonna be a big deal! Jax Cafe 1928 University Ave. N.E. 8 p.m. $8 advance, $10 door Culture to Consume Eat This: My roommate Amy is, as we speak, tackling the Food Network’s “Barefoot Contessa” Ina Garten’s recipe for mac & cheese. This isn’t any old box of noodles with some cheddar on top, oh no. This involves Gruyere cheese, white truffle oil, tomatoes, and shittake mushrooms. I’m dying to eat it. Modify your own hyper-caloric Ina gem with her recipe, here! Drink This: Ever stepped inside Surdyk’s and freaked out a little because of all the selection? I do all the time. However, I have a few bottles of wine I know I’ll love stored in my memory after much question-asking to those friendly Surdyk’s folks, and I’m being nice and sharing them with you. I like my wine sweet, so Relax Riesling is my favorite white, and sometimes my roommate Amy and I buy a bottle of plum wine and spritz it with club soda to cut the sweetness with some fizz. Otherwise, my drinking obsession du jour is Ace Pear Cider, which is fresh and sparkly enough for my summertime cravings when Premium just won’t do it. Watch This: Nothing makes my life happier than when “Golden Girl” Betty White makes appearances on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” Her calling Sarah Palin a “crazy bitch” was the highlight of my election season, and here she is on the 11th as Officer White, a San Quentin prison guard. In two words: ADORABLE, and HILARIOUS. Listen to This It was the 40th anniversary of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” cover shoot this week, and a full-album play of said gem on The Current only served as a testament to how flawless a piece of work it is. Legions of Beatles fans were dancing in the street that John, Paul, George and Ringo so famously crossed. Anyway, celebrate that iconic shot by replaying the group’s masterpiece, and try to forget its association with that awful flick “Across the Universe.” Read This: Wait, third-tier ladymag Marie Claire is actually good this month? What? What’s going on? Maybe it’s the addition of Nina Garcia a few months ago as their new fashion director, but this tired, boring, bland piece of glossy’s new issue featuring Ashley Olsen (I’ll buy any magazine with an Olsen on the cover) was surprisingly awesome. Lots of fantastic fashion ideas, a story about murdered abortion provider George Tiller, and my favorite fraternal ex-“Full House” star all in one issue? Don’t disappoint me next month, Marie Claire. I was planning on dishing out the $6 for a subscription! Click This: Now that “Project Runway” is finally about to premiere on Lifetime, you can bet I’ll be checking the updates from Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay. They’re quippy, witty, and they’ve got a serious eye for design, too. Even if I didn’t watch the show (which I will be doing, since two of the designers are from Minnesota this season), I’d read it just to get a laugh out of their spot-on observations.