The Minnesota Daily makes hire to fill new GM position

Dan Murphy

The Minnesota Daily has hired a full-time general manager in order to help the paper run more efficiently. 
The Daily’s Board of Directors recently hired Judy Riedl, a 30-year veteran of college media. 
Gayle Golden, a board member and senior lecturer in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication said budgeting, insurance questions and revamping the website were areas that required stable oversight — something constant turnover at the Daily made difficult to accomplish. 
“The Board decided earlier in the year that it was important to have someone who could oversee administrative operations on a more consistent basis so students could be freed up to make decisions about editorial and business matters,” Golden said. “This is still a student-run, independent publication, but we’ve added this position because we need more consistency.”
While Riedl will oversee the Daily’s business operations, Golden said the editorial independence of the Daily will remain intact.
The Daily receives student services fees that make up about one-third of its revenue but hasn’t turned a profit in years. 
Riedl recently served as the general manager of The Auburn Plainsman, Auburn University’s student newspaper. Riedl has also served as the General Manager of the Oregon Daily Emerald at the University of Oregon.
She said the Daily’s reputation and frequency of publication drew her to the job. 
“It’s still a daily, which is unusual these days for campus newspapers,” Riedl said. “I really appreciate the fact that it’s still an independent organization, a private nonprofit corporation.”
Riedl said she anticipates her biggest contributions to the paper will surface on the business side, which will allow students to focus more on their jobs instead of administrative matters. 
“If I can relieve some of them of the day-to-day operations and free them up to spend more time actually publishing the paper and reporting and editing that would be great,” Riedl said.
Mike Reszler, a member of the board of directors and the hiring committee for the position said the group was looking for someone who saw their role as an advisor to students. 
Reszler said Riedl’s experience in student media  is one of the main reasons for her selection. He also said her presence would help represent the Daily in the larger public.
Riedl will start later in September.