Editorial: Charging stations needed at the U

Daily Editorial Board

Electric cars are quickly gaining popularity within our state. Starting this January, Minnesotan owners of fully electric cars will be required to pay a fee each year to make up for the gas revenue that is lost. Expectations of electric car purchases have increased rapidly within the last year. This goes to show that electric cars have made an economic impact in our state and on our roads. 

The advantage to owning an electric car is that they are much more environmentally friendly and save the owner money on gas. While this is an incentive to purchase electric cars, the reason for lack of electric cars on campus could be because of the small number of charging stations present. 

Currently, many of the parking ramps on campus do have one or two charging stations, but most of them require drivers to pay for entry and to charge. Charging stations outside of parking ramps need to be more available. There are two outside of The Commons Hotel, but these are only on one side of our large campus. 

Our campus has pushed to become more sustainable. With the current lack of action in our federal government, it is vital for us as a campus community to make a difference in whatever ways we can. 

The University of Minnesota has outlined a goal to reduce its carbon emissions by half before 2020. Other steps have already been taken, such as replacing light bulbs, so other improvements would be sensible. 

Traditional vehicles on our campus are harmful to this goal. If our University created more access for electric cars, we would better uphold an environmentally friendly campus.