Net: … but not for long. Not that we want to sound like Dave Dahl or anything, but how ’bout this weather, huh? We’re getting all ready to cut classes, fall in love, etc., and then we realize that it’s not April yet. Very confusing.
But like the good Scandinavians that some of us are, we ponder. When will the other shoe drop? When will the weather gods punish us for our undeserved late-autumn frolics? We suppress these impulses. It’s Nov. 30. Gas is 92 cents. The Vikes are 11-1. We are young — our best days ahead of us. But we will look back on these as the good old days, because they are. Have a good one, y’all!


Net: Khaki Girl has received quite the response for her screed against the hulking behemoth known as the Carlson school. Here’s a selection of replies we’ve received.

From Lucas Nighthawk to Khaki Girl in a Suited World: The first thing I would like to say is if you don’t like Carlson then get the ##@$*! out of it. Net: Ah, yes — the “love it or leave it” argument. It’s called free will — no one says you have to stay. So don’t just sit around and bitch about it; get out! Net: Reform is NOT an option. If you hate it, there is no reason to stay.
Secondly, I would defend the advising staff at Carlson. This year my adviser handed me a sheet of paper in which every class I had to take and when I had to take it was mapped out all the way until my graduation date. If that isn’t service, then what is it? Net: Eastern Europe before the fall, anyone?
As for the power point slides, wake up! Most instructors post them on the Net Net: Hey! We take no responsibility here!, which eliminates note-taking and the need for everyday attendance. Miss a couple of classes? Who cares? Just view the slide shows for those days.
Anyway, the whole Khaki Girl in a Suited World article failed to point out the real problem within Carlson school. The real problem has nothing to do with the school. The classes and curriculum are actually quite good compared to the rest of the University. The real problem is people in CSOM who are too stupid to figure out there are two parts to the business world: the “game” and the “reality.” The people Khaki Girl refers to as “human robots programmed to be overbearing, selfish, financially-oriented, back-stabbing assholes,” “resume builders” and “Hitler Honors” are all examples of people lost in the game. The whole school isn’t that way. The reality is all the practical, applicable knowledge that one learns — accounting rules for example. The reality should also include a realization of what the game is. The game is just a bunch of bullshit. It’s all the little rules that you follow, all the little hoops that you jump through that show you want to be a part of the “Business Team.”
It’s like hazing at a fraternity. It isn’t just in Carlson either — IT kids are required to take classes like theatre and sociology. Will this help them in the future? No, it’s just a little hoop they jump through on their way to the future.
Once again, the bottom line is simple: If you don’t like the rules (or hoops), don’t play the game. Essentially, this means that one has to drop out of college because everywhere one looks, one will see hoops and rules.

To Khaki Girl from Very Amused: I found your letter ripping Carlson to shreds damn funny. You should have seen the fallout in the aftermath of such an expose!! Being a Carlson student myself and witness to the selfish goings on in that mammoth $46 million hunk of glass, metal and brick on a daily basis, it was nice to see people there actually stopping to wonder if the “outsiders” (i.e., CLA, IT, GC and others) really thought of us in that way. (Believe me, that’s the most active I’ve seen anyone in that building in awhile.) It actually changed the conversation topic from the usual schemes on how to make oodles of cash, what the stock quote of some damn company was and how to take over the world with the incredible intelligence of the people enrolled there.
I witnessed a miracle! It was fun to watch them all squirm for a day, even if tomorrow it won’t mean a damn thing. They will rationalize that the entire University campus is against them Net: Rationalize? simply because everyone is jealous of CSOM’s superiority, building, power point slides, etc. Thanks, Khaki Girl, for making my day and saying what so many have wanted to for so long. Net: And for providing us with such an educational way to fill our space. And now we have, gone but not forgotten, a (drum roll please) …


Net: (cymbal crash. Man in speedo jumps out of cake. Oops — we weren’t supposed to tell you …)

From David W. Johnson: In response to a writer’s request for information on Alcoholic Anonymous groups on campus — here is a list:

AA Groups (April 1997) Intergroup 920-3961 — Armory, Room 116A, Wednesday at noon.
Open mixed — Coffman Union, Room 354, Monday at 7 p.m.
Closed, Mixed — Court International, 2550 University Ave., Suite 160, Wednesday at 6:45 p.m.
Alanon group — Tuesday at 12:15 p.m., 402 Boynton Health Service.
Good Luck,
David W. Johnson, employee assistance program director, University office of human resources
Net: Thanks.