Hipster neighborhoods good for real estate

Bryna Godar

In an age of Internet lists, all things hipster provide ample fuel for everything from hipster baby names to how to tell if you're dating one. A couple years ago, Buzzfeed even named Minnesota the Most Hipster State in the U.S..

Thursday, another list surfaced: top hipster zip codes. This one, though, comes from RealtyTrac, a real estate information site that has singled out "hipster neighborhoods" that are good for real estate.

Topping the list of "25 hipster zips for return on rental properties": St. Paul 55101. Three Minneapolis zip codes — 55401, 55408 and 55405 — also nabbed spots on the list. Those include a chunk of Downtown and, unsurprisingly, most of Uptown.

According to RealtyTrac, "[t]hanks to an influx of trendy restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other amenities, a neighborhood branded as hipster is likely to see property values and rental rates rise while vacancies and foreclosures decline."

The survey focused on areas with "the prime hipster age range" (25 to 34), areas where a lot of people walk or use public transportation ("another hallmark of hipster culture") and high rental areas with low vacancy rates. To rank the list, it then sorted by gross yields based on fair market rents and median home prices.

Madison, Wisc., and Iowa City, Iowa, also hit the list, and Chicago, Ill., matched Minneapolis with three listings.