Davis loosens up locker room with grit and goofiness

Sarah Davis scored her 100th career point last weekend against Mankato.

Betsy Helfand

By her own admission, Sarah Davis didn’t have the best season last year.

She recorded 25 points on seven goals and 18 assists, a drop-off from her sophomore season.

But Davis came through in the clutch at the end of the year and scored a crucial overtime goal to send the Gophers to the NCAA championship game.

“I obviously didn’t have the best season last year,” she said, “but I would have that season and score that goal again anytime.”

This year, Davis said her focus has been on playing hockey and not measuring success on the stat

“Since I’ve done that, the points have come a lot easier,” Davis said.

She currently has nine points through 10 games.

Davis recorded her 100th career point on an assist against Minnesota State-Mankato on Saturday.

She said the milestone was nice, but she has no intention of stopping there.

Davis’ linemate, senior Bethany Brausen, said their line — which also includes junior Meghan Lorence — has tried to be a “bigger impact line” this season.

Brausen said that doesn’t necessarily mean scoring points but said the line was “competing as hard, or harder, than anyone else.”

Gophers head coach Brad Frost called Davis someone who “works her tail off both in practice and in games.”

This year, Davis is one of three alternate captains.

She is known for her loud, goofy personality off the ice. But on it, Brausen, the team’s captain, said Davis quiets down and leads by example.

“When it comes down to game time, she knows how to really zone it in and focus,” Brausen said.

So much so that Davis said her teammates have told her it’s OK to smile once in a while on the

Brausen said the team does a 3-on-3 tournament sometimes during the season, and Davis is always sought after in the draft because she battles so hard.

The Brausen-Davis-Lorence line is often tasked with shutting down teams’ top offensive lines, and Brausen said Davis is an “unbelievable defensive forward.”

“She works hard on both ends of the ice, and that’s something that you can’t teach players,” Brausen said. “She just has a knack for it naturally.”

Though Davis is serious on the ice, she’s able to loosen up the locker room.

“If we were to vote on funniest person in the room, she would hands-down get a landslide victory,” Brausen said.

Brausen said she’s never met someone that Davis hadn’t been able to make smile.

But she wasn’t always so outgoing. Frost said Davis was “really shy” during her freshman year.

“[I] didn’t really know that [she] was as goofy and crazy as she is, but once she came back after her freshman year, she really came out of her shell,” he said.

Davis is a jokester, Frost said, and the one the team looks to when it needs loosening up.

Davis said she’s just trying to be herself and said making her teammates laugh helps with the daily grind.

“You’ve just got to make the most of it,” she said. “You’re here playing hockey at the University of Minnesota — No. 1 team in the country. Just enjoy it and embrace it and appreciate it.”