13 Things To Do While You Wait For Pearson’s Tech Support

Joe Kellen

If you’ve attended the University of Minnesota and taken a language class, chances are you’ve dealt with Pearson.


My phone now reads: 3:35:40. For almost four hours, I've been on hold with their customer support line. Maybe you're scoffing at me. Why would anyone subject themselves to this? Why not just hang up and work it out with your professor? You're an idiot, Joe.

It's a fool's errand, I know. But when the vast majority of your assignments are online and your professor is just as stuck as you are…you're nothing other than boned. As far as you know, someone reading this is experiencing the same abject terror that I am. Based on the horrified posts that litter the Moodle forum for my Spanish class, it's clear that I'm not alone in hearing "We appreciate your patience and we will be with you shortly," every fifteen minutes or so.

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, and we both know that anything else is better than their demonic, almost-xylophone sounding hold music. Are you in the same boat? Make it easier on yourself. Check out this list of stuff to occupy your time while you let your rollover minutes die.


  1. Turn your walls into chalkboards.

  2. Do something more frustrating.

  3. …Or even more frustrating.

  4. Try to figure out what the hell this is.

  5. Enable the mediocre guitarist inside.

  6. Take a look around.

  7. Find out why that stuff you totally knew about the Hebrew Bible is wrong.

  8. Make these.

  9. And then pile them onto this.

  10. Read a book.

  11. Get answers to questions you were too afraid to ask.

  12. Drink, be a snob about it, and sorta love it.

  13. …or just keep crying.