Running down a dream

You only pause a second before running off in the direction of the darkly clad man.
“Forget the test!” you say aloud. Then you see the man ahead of you, within earshot. “Hey, you!” you cry. Someone stop him!”
The man turns to look back at you, but you can’t see his face. Drat. In his haste, he runs into a group of students cramming at the last minute for their exam, causing them to lose their papers in the air and all over the floor.
“Stop that man,” you shout again. “He’s stolen my … ticket!”
“Your ticket to what?” one of the disturbed students asked. “Spring break,” you reply. But the man’s fleeting footsteps bring you back to reality. “I’m leaving tonight, but not if I don’t catch him.”
“You mean to tell me someone deliberately stole your ticket?” the student replied. “That’s just wrong. Let’s catch that bastard before he steals your entire spring break.”
You are stunned for just a second that these people would help you with your personal problem. Then, your faith in humanity restored, you and your cohorts take off out the doors on the east side of Willey Hall.
The man has jumped down behind the building and is running across the grass, which is only half-covered with snow.
“Let’s split up,” you suggest. The others readily agree. You take the direct route after the fiend. The others backtrack toward the Law Building and the Seven Corners neighborhood. Suddenly, you realize that he is heading back toward Washington Avenue, the exact opposite direction of everyone else — you’re the only one who can catch him.
The man hops up the staircase and heads back towards Willey Hall. As you’re running up the stairs behind him, you fall and skin your knee.You yell in pain, but you keep going. The man has run onward ahead of you, but where did he go?

If you think the man went into the building and through the skyway, See NEVER-ENDING TUNNEL NETWORK page 19
If you think the man stayed outside, See SWEATING BULLETS page 23