Another 6 inches of snow could hit the metro

The storm could push snowfall totals past 80 inches on the year.


After residents dug out of a snow storm that left more than a foot of snow across the metro, residents could again be digging out of another storm system with the potential of up to another six inches of powder by early next week.

Meteorologist Paul Douglas of the Star Tribune said early Friday that the metro had a chance of another foot of snow, but downsized the estimate later in the day as the storm band seems to be traveling further south âÄî sparing the Twin Cities from a direct hit.

The southeastern half of Minnesota will receive the most snow in the state, Douglas said.  He said cities like Winona and Rochester have potential to receive up to the full foot.

This winter, Minnesota has experienced close to a record amount of snowfall, and this new storm could push the snow total for the season past 80 inches for the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.