Issues with electronic voting machines reported

Rebecca Harrington

After user "centralpavote" posted a YouTube video of an electronic voting machine in Pennsylvania malfunctioning, the topic exploded on Reddit.

MSNBC has confirmed that the touchscreen voting machine has been taken out of comission. The video shows the user trying to vote for President Barack Obama, but the machine only selects Mitt Romney. 

Centralpavote explained on Reddit that, "being a software developer," he thought the machine might be calibrated wrong, so he selected the name below Obama, Jill Stein. But the machine selected Stein's name; it just wouldn't select Obama's name.

More than 25 percent of Americans will vote using electronic machines in this election, The Washington Post reported. Minnesota is one of 20 states that does not use the machines, according to Verified Voting

Electronic voting machines were originally implemented after the 2002 Help America Vote Act made every polling system handicapped accessible. 

Ohio congressional Green Party candidate Robert Fitrakis filed a lawsuit on Monday against Ohio's Secretary of State Jon Husted and Electronic Systems & Software, the company contracted for Ohio's electronic voting machines. He alleges the machines can result in voter fraud and malfunctions, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. 

The federal judge already heard more than an hour of oral arguments and is expected to issue a ruling by 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to CBS News